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lancel bags brigitte bardot price also take the spirit of terrible fighting.
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TOPIC: lancel bags brigitte bardot price also take the spirit of terrible fighting.

lancel bags brigitte bardot price also take the spirit of terrible fighting. 11 months, 1 week ago #100313

  • zanpdnge96
Arrive, affirmative will press him to top in the ground wildly flat, was subjected to so medium of the wound can also live down, how also calculate ascend a miracle.
The sky of desert doesn't have so many complicated colors, is a few so monotonous colors forever.The old mendicant is full of grievances complaints to have no a place to vent, consumedly of drink wine, loudly of curse and scold what.The hot sun lets the sweat of his forehead continuously and downwards flow to drip.
A pond blood sends forth foul smell flavor, from afar of can smell.The old mendicant sped a step, the at present prospects made him temporarily dejected.
Square number ten inside size, whole is a scarlet blood, curl up Tao for sky of billow.Walking of his caution to near front, stare at those bloods.The endless hatred reads from spread out in the blood, also take the spirit of terrible fighting.
"Exactly took place here what, and that yin and yang spring.Blood aquatic hatred how read so terror."
"The Yin night eye in the sky opens."The old mendicant wants to hope to wear blood
He the forehead blue vein start to embrace, the bean is big of sweat drop.Several thousand Zhangs are deeply all scarlet bloods, and is hard to rush toward to catch other appearances.
"Well big of handwriting, unexpectedly like this of person."
"Wen Nie's rebirth ……" old mendicant the small voice whisper
"See to this world existence still is more terrible, I still think simple.The ah is getting older, old man.The all these still hands over to young man."
"Old man canned not find way home, cried here?"
The old mendicant suddenly feels that someone lightly clapped for a while, he become overdo, full face of unimaginable.Is a 78 years old the naked boy is towarding him to smile.
"Ghost."The old mendicant springs up old Gao all of a sudden
"Slice, despise you.Is the ghost so handsome?"
"Do not know a don't utter of burst upon will frighten to death a person, still less in the so terrible place."Bloom brilliance in the eyes of old mendicant.
"Color old man, you what facial expression.I know that I am very handsome, but also need not have been staring at so a somebody else to see, very difficult is feeling."The little boy hands cover the key part of body
"Get thousand knives to get boy, think what?"The old mendicant forehead spread all over black line
"Despise your color old man."
"He big Ye of, can't be the time that saves him drive lightning flash to split to break down brain."The old mendicant looking at the boy whom a face rascal is like to make reference to
"See toward that, say you color old man, also saw don't finish."The skin of head that the boy is seen by the old mendicant becomes numb, the whole body chicken skin pimple.
"Can't be the middleman in the book."Male
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