CENTRAL REGION - Midwest Best Series
Serving : Tyrol Basin (Mt. Horeb, WI), The Rock (Franklin, WI) , & Sunburst (Kewaskum, WI)

Series Directors - Dana & Brian Wilson



The Midwest Best Series Snowboard and Freeski series was established in 2004.

We host weekend competitions including rail jam, slopestyle, slalom and giant slalom, boarder and skier cross, and halfpipe. Our goal each season is to provide an opportunity for athletes to have fun and compete to reach their athletic goals. Many of our competitors also qualify to compete at the USASA National Championships at Copper Mountain Colorado.

The USASA is where athletic dreams hit the snow. Just ask any member of the last Olympic team where they started their journey. They all got their start in the USASA!

Brian and I feel proud and honored to be able to offer this opportunity to athletes, young and old, in the state of Wisconsin. Come out and join us for a weekend of fun and competition and start making your dreams a reality.

Series Website www.midwestbest.org
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Midwest Best Series Event Schedule

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