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Member # Membership First Last Level Status Series
16641 INACTIVE Jeffrey Dean C EXPIRED Great Lakes Series
18767 INACTIVE Kaegan McDaniel A CURRENT Aspen Snowmass Series
19553 INACTIVE Nick Church A CURRENT Southwest Freeride Series
20499 INACTIVE Dave Schnake C EXPIRED Central Oregon Series
19039 INACTIVE Darryl Hey C EXPIRED Massachusetts Series
21684 INACTIVE Kent Leng C EXPIRED Raging Buffalo Series
9716 INACTIVE Drew Stretton C EXPIRED Maine Mtn Series
18519 INACTIVE Pete Kern B EXPIRED Snow Ohio Series
19633 INACTIVE Eric Rovin C EXPIRED Midwest Best Series
20951 INACTIVE Christopher Barrett C EXPIRED Southern California Series
20958 INACTIVE Mark Martinez C EXPIRED Southwest Freeride Series
20959 INACTIVE Robert Fellows A EXPIRED Southwest Freeride Series
20964 INACTIVE Ben Morrison B EXPIRED Upper Midwest Snow Series
20965 INACTIVE Joshua Anderson C EXPIRED Upper Midwest Snow Series
20967 INACTIVE Jacob Vesotski A EXPIRED Big Alaska Series
20968 INACTIVE Aaron Ulmer C EXPIRED The Unbound Series
3210 INACTIVE Dave Sanborn C EXPIRED Inland Northwest Series
8244 INACTIVE Jon Casson A EXPIRED Rocky Mountain Series
8275 INACTIVE Raymond Jr. Pesho C EXPIRED Snow Ohio Series
8310 PAID Hayley Sedwin B CURRENT Mid Atlantic Series
4114 INACTIVE Greydin McCalla c EXPIRED The Unbound Series
8278 PAID Greg Flowers A EXPIRED Great Lakes Series
9800 INACTIVE Bridget McCarthy B EXPIRED Maine Mtn Series
9819 PAID Joshua Boise C CURRENT Adirondack Series
9822 INACTIVE K C Brousseau C EXPIRED Adirondack Series

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