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Member # Membership First Last Level Status Series
20992 INACTIVE Stefan Doyle C EXPIRED The Unbound Series
20993 INACTIVE Carissa Bisnar C EXPIRED The Unbound Series
20996 INACTIVE Teague Mullen B EXPIRED Inland Northwest Series
20997 INACTIVE Cole Thompson B EXPIRED Inland Northwest Series
21754 INACTIVE Chris Carson A EXPIRED Rocky Mountain Series
20749 INACTIVE Rodd Moon B EXPIRED Midwest Best Series
20936 INACTIVE Dan Klonowski C EXPIRED Midwest Best Series
20938 INACTIVE Eric Hegreness B EXPIRED Appalachian Series
20939 INACTIVE Carter Backie A CURRENT Great Lakes Series
20940 INACTIVE Scott Lombardi B EXPIRED Mid Atlantic Series
20942 INACTIVE Sean McDonough C EXPIRED Southern New England Series
20943 INACTIVE Brett Daizell C EXPIRED Southern New England Series
20944 INACTIVE Rob Mignon B EXPIRED Appalachian Series
16187 INACTIVE Grant Giller A CURRENT Big Mountain West Series
12184 INACTIVE Zachary Saccoccie A EXPIRED Catskill Mountain Series
12191 INACTIVE Mike Edwards B CURRENT Raging Buffalo Series
13510 INACTIVE Marco Gooding B CURRENT South Tahoe Series
13512 INACTIVE Rob Powers C CURRENT The Unbound Series
3941 INACTIVE Anderson Day C CURRENT Great Lakes Series
3942 INACTIVE Brian Vanderbaan C EXPIRED Great Lakes Series
7162 INACTIVE Matt Nardiello C EXPIRED Adirondack Series
9150 INACTIVE Josh Bolstad A CURRENT Southern California Series
12199 INACTIVE James Brumfield C EXPIRED North Tahoe Series
12308 INACTIVE Jennifer McCallister C EXPIRED Southwest Freeride Series
13549 INACTIVE Dwayne Davis B EXPIRED South Tahoe Series

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