Why Choose a Certified Coach?

Professional, fun and energetic coaches are the backbone of competitive snowboarding & freeskiing. 

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USASA and USSA together deliver high quality education programs at all levels of the pipeline for coaches in the United States. The philosophy, based on the Snowboarding & Freeksing Training System, is to coach athletes to become great athletes first, with a solid fundamental skills and love for snowboarding & freeskiing.

Benefits of riding / skiing with a certified USASA Coach:

To find a USASA Certified Coach or to just check on the certification level of the coach you are currently training with please CLICK HERE


mike mallon

Mike Mallon - CVA

Working with a coach who has taken the time to seek out a higher level of understanding of snowboarding and teaching methods can be very beneficial.  

A USASA coach can provide a critical eye for improvement and can show (sometimes) simple steps to improve a strength or help identify areas of improvement.  Whether dialing in a toe side carve, how to navigate a start feature in bx or figuring out where to put the 900 in a run, a USASA coach can help make the process easier.

miah wheeler

Miah Wheeler - AVSC

Great coaches understand that parents want the best for their children.

It is only fitting then that great coaches will want the best education to ensure these athletes are progressing in a safe, fun and fair environment.

miah wheeler

Jeff Juneau - KMS

What does being a USASA certified say about a coach? It speaks to the level of their commitment to the craft of coaching. As part of the certification process, USASA coaches are evaluated by experiences coaches and participate in group discussions.

Earning a USASA coaching endorsement demonstrates their knowledge of the sport and ability to effectively develop athletes in a safe and positive environment.

USASA/USSA Coaches Education Programs

The US Coach Education program is a joint effort between USASA and the USSA. The goal is to provide a consistent path for coaches to get the training and resources they need to help their athletes reach their goals in the sport. The education program follows the athlete development pipeline.

Certification begins with the with Level 100 and Level 200 clinics. The focus of the 100 and 200 level is on coaches who are working with kids who compete primarily in USASA events and these clinics are organized by the USASA.

The Level 300 and Level 400 certifications are focused on coaches working with athletes at the next levels of competition in the US and around the world. The US Coach Education Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of the clinics and exams at each level.