Wednesday May 27, 2015

Last update07:13:55 AM PST



Watch the invitations lists daily as more invites are added 24/7 Simply login to accept your invitation.

DON’T WAIT for an email invitation!

You can click on this link go directly to the invites page.
If you are our # 1 Qualifier, or if you are waiting to see if you will get an invitation based on the National Ranking list, go to , find your name on the National Invitation list. Invitations will also be in your profiles waiting for you to log in and accept or decline.


Some may have already received emails and some may not. Some emails are invalid due to input errors, changed email addresses and never updated in our system, etc.

Q's & PQ's have 72 hours to accept thier invitations, we will begin National Rankings invitations on March 16th.  NR invitations expire every 48th hours through midnight March 26th.

Thanks for your immediate attention to this information as we do not want folks waiting around for an email that may never arrive.
The Invitation List will be updated daily and all athletes who log in to their profiles will have invitations waiting for them, if they are invited.
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