Friday May 29, 2015

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Tuesday, April 12th marked not only our last day of USASA Ski Nationals, but also the last day of our entire event. The weather was decently warm but cloudy. It was a nice break from the scalding sun that we had the day before! Like the previous 2 days, we had ski competitors in halfpipe, skiercross, and slopestyle throughout the day.

On the skiercross course, both a serious and fun atmosphere could be sensed. The oldest and most experienced athletes were on the venue this day. The Open Class men and women were competing for money and their focus was felt as they loaded in the gates. At the finish, however, it didn't seem to matter how the results ended up, as everyone was giving high-fives and smiling.

Nearby on slopestyle, lots of little grooms tore up even the biggest of jumps. It was impressive to watch the little guys push it so hard! Spectators were seen lining the fence of the venue, their cameras pushed through the orange fence. In the end, Michael Lampe of Incline Village, NV took the gold for the 9 and under group of boys, followed by James Marren and Austin Hooker. For skier girls 9 years and under, Svea Irving proudly displayed her gold medal at awards, accompanied by Isabella Neibel and Saylar McGuiness. It's hard to imagine where these kids will be in just a few years!

In the halfpipe on Day 3 was the biggest group of them all: boys and girls aged 13 to 18. There was some impressive riding here as well, with many comments from the announcer to keep an eye on these athletes as they progress through the sport. Halfpipe was the last venue to finish for the day (and the entire competition), so many people filtered into the spectator area to see the action as the rest of the competitions finished up.

Check out the results page for all results, and below for some candid pictures!

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