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Meet Your TS

You train hard all season and make it to Nationals. You pack it up and trek to Copper Mountian. You are focused. You know your start time, you get your practice runs and in a flash 2011 Nationals has flown by. Have you ever stopped and wondered how this all happens? Wondered who it is that gets the courses in pristine shape and is always there before you?

Well meet your TS for Halfpipe, Greg Flowers

How long have you been snowboarding?

Since the late 80’s. My first board was a Skeeter board my dad brought home. Some guy had thrown away cause he broke his leg on it. We did lots of moonlight riding and sledding hills in Michigan before snowboarding was allowed anywhere. Caberfae Resort in Michigan was the first place I was allowed to buy a lift ticket. I used to ride in USASA when prizes and judges compensation was CD’s and promo swag.

Ever thought about skiing again?
No. I’m not opposed but my love is in snowboarding.

How did you end up here?
Don Grimmer was the Series Director at Middle Earth. He was going to quit and I encouraged him not to so the series wouldn’t die. The next year I offered to take it over and he was back into it so he didn’t want to give it up. So that’s how Huck Finn Series started.

What number Nationals are you on? What keeps you coming back?
This is my eighth Nationals. I missed the first two years and had a co-director who came. This is my first year as TS. I was assistant TS last year at slope and a starter before that. There’s more meetings now and we are getting the event more and more dialed in each year.

What do you do in the summer?
I spend time with my daughter, wakeboard, boat. I pretty much hang out on the lake.

Something most people don’t know about you?
I’m more known for BMX than my snowboarding. When Gary from Woodward came up here I was stoked. I build the first monster ramp and rode 1987 Kuawahara Come Out and Play Tour (a freestyle BMX Tour).

Lets talk about Pipe:
I competed back in the early days. My best trick was a J-Tare Air, and who knows what its called now. It’s an amazing honor to be the TS for pipe. It is an incredible venue. It is in such great shape. The staff at copper does a great job, and the park crew and ops crew makes it looks great everyday. The riding has been amazing. It’s been so cool to watch. The kids are so talented; it is definitely not the u-ditch I grew up in.

What time do you get on the hill in the morning?
7:12 I take the lift up so I can get in that morning run to wake me up and get the day started.

What’s in your on hill pack?
Start list, markers, zip ties, simple green, cell phone, notepad, glasses, radio, spare batteries, leatherman, extra hat, sunglasses, goggles, neck gator, extra gloves, random spare binding parts.

Shark v Tiger?

I don’t think they’d ever get in a fight. Probably an amphibious tiger.

“On a goofy day I’m regular and on a regular day I’m goofy.”

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