Friday May 22, 2015

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You train hard all season and make it to Nationals. You pack it up and trek to Copper Mountian. You are focused. You know your start time, you get your practice runs and in a flash 2011 Nationals has flown by. Have you ever stopped and wondered how this all happens? Wondered who it is that gets the courses in pristine shape and is always there before you?

Cermak_WebWell, meet your TS for Giant Slalom, Noah Cermak:

How long have you been snowboarding?
Since 1994 in Mt Snow, VT on a Mad Mike’s Bitchin Board 166 with Sorel Boots. It had a K2 Built base and a Mad mikes top sheet. I’ve ridden pieces of plywood with more control. I was aiming for the bunny slope, got on the wrong lift and ended up on top of an intermediate slope. It took a long time to get down, but I slowly just started linking turns.

Ever thought about skiing again?
I skied from eighth grade to my first day on a snowboard and I haven’t gone back. I considered it this year but haven’t done it yet.

How did you end up here?
I got involved as a coach in NH and was coaching at the beginning of the Mass series. The series director at the time started thinking coaching looked like a good gig and he and I Flip-flopped, and I’ve been the series director ever since.

What number Nationals are you on? What keeps you coming back?
My first nationals was Waterville Valley NH, so basically, I lost count. I come back for the kids. I got to see a kid I taught snowboard take open class GS this year. It’s an amazing week. I have missed my wife’s birthday every year to be here. Next year I would like to bring her birthday cards from every GS competitor.

What do you do in the summer?
I golf. And its up in the air this summer, maybe get another real job.

Something most people don’t know about you?
I once worked on a lobster boat, and I have been know to bring down the house at karaoke.

Lets talk about Giant Slalom.
Technique is everything. It’s about getting the right race line, and after that you put the top riders on the top equipment against each other it comes down to wax and psychology. Riding smart is the deciding factor.

What time do you get on the hill in the morning?
7:30 AM. We get a special lift ride up.

What’s in your on hill pack?
Staples, duck tape, radio, extra batteries, zip ties, coffee, water, extra layers, gloves, goggles, paperwork and my helmet. I’ve been wearing a helmet since ’95. If I loose my backpack, I loose the whole week. Don’t steal my backpack.

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