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The following USASA members a running for a Riders Rep position on the USASA Executive Board. Some are running for a 1 year term and others for a 2 year term. Check out their bios and be ready to vote for 2 of them when you get to Nationals!

Two Year Term Candidates

H. Perry Boyle:

I'd like to nominate myself. I have been competing in men's open class skier cross in the southern Vermont region this year. I am also the father of a second year competitor (placed third in skier cross 10 -12 last year and qualified for 13-15 this year).

Why me? I am committed to USASA free skiing as a competitor and a parent. I am a huge fan of the organization and the program and will be attending my second nationals next month. Aim running logistics for the Stratton boys free ski attendees.

I think it may be helpful to have a free skier representative on the board. We spend pretty much every weekend at Stratton, and our family also has a home in Sun Valley, where we spend several weeks a year and are excited about the free ride/free ski program development. So I feel I have a balance of both east coast and intermountain region sensitivities.

I am 47 years of age and have experience at the board level on several non profits as well as a privately owned company. I am a Managing Director for Equities at SAC Capital, a major investment manager, where I am a member of the executive committee. Thank you for your consideration.



Michael B, FitzSimons:

I am writing you to nominate my husband, Michael B. FitzSimons, USASA Member Number 17000, for one of the positions as a rider representative on the USASA Executive Board.

I nominate my husband because I think he is well qualified to serve on the USASA Executive Board. He is an attorney in Hood River, Oregon and has been the member of several executive boards both presently and in the past such as Mid Columbia Habitat for Humanity, Hood River Youth Lacrosse, and Columbia Gorge Kiteboarding Association. He is passionate about promoting athleticism and sportsmanship at all levels. He volunteers as both a lacrosse coach and a football coach and assists in hosting and promoting skateboarding events in Hood River, Oregon.

In addition to the qualifications referenced above, Mike is an avid snowboarder and skier. He has participated, with our two sons and me, in USASA snowboard competitions for the last two years in the Mt. Hood Series. He is always willing to assist in the local USASA competitions in any way he can. Not only does he compete in some of the competitions but he is also there to help set up course, assist with the start list, set up flags and banners, and generally assist anywhere that he is needed.

For the foregoing reasons, I believe that Mike would be an excellent candidate for a position on the USASA Executive Board as a rider's representative.

Sincerely, Jennifer FitzSimons



Natalie Aldrich:

I am once again interested in the USASA Riders Representative position. I have held this position 2 terms before; during 2008-2009 season, and again during the 2010-2011 season. I have been able to contribute to the position and the executive board by being present on nearly all meeting phone calls, attending Fall Summits, and also attending Nationals for many years. I have been active in USASA as a competitor for several years in boardercross, slalom, and giant slalom venues. In addition, I have remained involved with USASA in capacities other than competing and being a board member; I have acted as Vendor Village Coordinator for the past 2 years, which has meant a lot of marketing, media, and social media, along with many volunteer hours! I believe that I would be a good candidate for this position based on my passion for the sport and the athletes, active involvement with USASA, and past riders representative position. I am looking forward to seeing and meeting you all at Nationals!

Natalie K. Aldrich



One Year Term Candidates

Cameron Chaney:

I would like to nominate Cameron Chaney for as a rider representative to USASA. He has been participating in USASA for a few years now and has been honored to be in invited to Nationals every year. He has had experience with the east coast competition scene as an Appalachian athlete, in addition to be a new member of the Rocky Mountain series.

Cameron is also a steller student at the Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy, which is a public school in Colorado. He moved there in August of 2010 to allow for more snowboard training so that one day he can represent the USA in the Olympics. He has great leadership skills even though he is only 11 years old and he is very ethical. He is often surrounded by younger athletes that look up to him and he gladly offers them advice and loves to motivate them. He would be a great choice to represent USASA in a professional and serious manner.

Thank you! Sounia Nejad Chaney, President, ChainLink Networking Solutions, Inc.



Matt Volpe

I'm a 22 year old student, working on a business major with a focus on entrepreneurship, and I believe I would make a good riders rep because I have spent many years working in the industry in sales, and technical work, am an all around competitor, a snowboard/ski comp judge, usasa volunteer, and am working to get my coaching cert. I feel these qualifications give me the ability to see all sides of an argument more clearly, and help make fair decisions.

-Matt Volpe



Connor Goodwillie

Age 16
USASA – Mt. Hood Series

To:  USASA nomination Committee
RE:  Rider Rep nomination 2011-2012

I’d like to be considered for the position of Rider Rep on the board for USASA!  I feel that I think that I’d make a good rider representative because of my competitive history with USASA.  I started competiting in USASA during the winter of 2006-2007.  I have competed at the national level for 3 years.  During the winters of 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 I was on the Windells snowboard team and rode with a coach every weekend working on developing my skills in snowboarding.  This season, 2010-2011 I have been on the Timberline Freestyle team working on skills, competitions and working toward my instructor certification.  I feel that I have learned a great deal about how USASA works and that I would be able to bring the riders view to the board as a member.

2010-2011 accomplishments:

USASA Hood Series slopestyle – 2 golds; 1 silver
USASA Hood Series halfpipe – 3 golds
Burton Pro Am Timberline – 5th place in the 15 over division

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