Sunday May 24, 2015

Last update07:13:55 AM PST

Event Registration

1 event: $275
2 events: $300
3 events: $325
4 events: $350
5 events: $375

ALL competitors will get a 7 of 10 day lift ticket for Copper. This will allow every competitor to ride 7 days out of 10 starting on April 2nd. This includes skiers as well. Even if you are only competing in one event, you still get 7 days of snowboarding/skiing!

Friends & Family – Lift Tickets

  • Friends & Family tickets are available with a VOUCHER for $49 per day. 1, 3 and 5 day tickets will be offered.
  • You can pick up your voucher at registration in the Copper Conference Center throughout the week.
  • You can purchase your Friends & Family tickets at any Copper ticket window or Guest Services location with presentation of the VOUCHER.
  • You will need to bring a VOUCHER to purchase the Friends & Family Tickets at ticket windows and Guest Services locations.
  • Eagle Lift, Flyer Lift and High Point Lift will be accessible at 7:30am for friends and family of competitors who are in early heats.


Snowcat Passenger Ticket

1 - day $15

Foot Passenger Ticket on High Point and American Eagle

1 - day - HP $15
1 - day - Eagle $15

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