Friday May 29, 2015

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Stassel here.

I hope you all have had a great winter so far and are pumped and ready for Nationals!  I know I am!

Ryan Stassel Rail Jam at X GamesThis past month I've been riding all over the place from the USASA Rail Jam at X Games, up to Canada for the Canadian Open, to the other side of the world to Norway for World Championships, back over to the West Coast to California for the Grand Prix and then to end it all in Vermont for the US Open..... Crazy!!! I won't lie, it's a ton of fun but you get pretty run down and tired after awhile. ehh (but still, TONS of fun!)

I'd have to say at each stop I was fortunate to do well and not get hurt.

At the USASA Rail Jam at the X Games I was able to put it down enough to walk away with a win!

At The Canadian Open, I fell missing out on Semi Finals.

At The World Snowboarding Championship in Norway, I was able to make it to the Semi's Finals and almost put it down with the heavy hitters but fell getting 19th.

At The Grand Prix in Mammoth, CA I landed a run qualifying 2nd into Finals but then couldn't quite put it down and end up getting 13th.

And at The U.S Open In Vermont, I wasn't able to land a run but still had a blast at the golf range and played a new game called "bank shot". Probably one of the coolest games I have ever played!!! The west coast needs some of these!


So now that all my travels are over, I'm back in Tahoe, sitting on my couch writing this... "sick" but slowly getting better. ehh

I'll be ready for USASA Nationals though... don't you worry:P  I hope to see every one out there and again... If you see me out there riding, don't be afraid to say hi! I love to meet new people!

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