Friday May 29, 2015

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Hey every one!!! Ryan here!

I hope every one had a great summer, I know I did.

Through July & Aug,  I was busy having fun working on my boat up in Alaska fishing and "this year was phenomenal! " You wouldn't even BELIEVE how many fish there were! There were so many fish caught in our nets that we had to cut some of them in TWO so we could even get them in our boats with out sinking! It was that unbelievable!!

IMG_0231Here is one of the nets we cut in two so we could get it to shore. We threw it out on the beach so we could go back out and keep picking. IMG_0236This was after picking four nets, 2 for each boat and we still have 8 more nets to go! IMG_0239And in each boat, theres around 400 fish.

So after about a week of literally non stop working, things finally slowed down and I was able to lay back and enjoy the rest of the fishing season.

IMG_0208Here I am with the family P1000695This is how we relax on our down time DSC03257And here's an Alaskan sunset.... at 12am hah

So around the first week in Aug, we finally called it a fish year and packed up.  Im pretty glad we did too because I was able to make the last couple days of camp at Windells.
While there the weather was awesome!  Every day was blue bird sunny and up in the mid 50's which made the snow perfect for learning new tricks. So with only 4 days to ride I got to
work and was able to accomplish a few of my goals at learning some doubles.  Definitely one of my highlights for the summer!

Well now that summers over... It's time to get out the dusty gear and hit the slopes because it is winter time!

Just this week,  I flew out to Copper Mtn and rode with The USASA Team and had a blast!  For our first day meeting back with each other, we went over to Woodward for a bit
of fun jumping on the trampolines and flipping into the foam pits.  The next day, USASA had professional photographer Brian Bailey come out and take photos of us.
The whole shoot was great! It seemed everybody was having a great time talking, riding and getting shots. 

2012 USASA TeamTo end the trip we had the team get together and take some photos out in the woods around a couch. The conversations and actions that went on here were priceless... it seemed at least every minute somebody was cracking up laughing.  I guess when you get a team like this together, something entertaining is always bound to happen. hah

After the final photos were taken, we headed off to dinner where we said our goodbyes and parted ways.  It's always nice to be able to meet up with everybody, hearing about how their summers went and to ride with them again. The cool thing about this sport is that I'll always see them somewhere.

So for all you reading this, get out your gear and go ride, winter is here!!!  If anyone's going to be around Breckenridge Dec 12-18, come out and ride! The USASA team will be out there.

Ryan check'n out.

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