Created: 06 January 2020


Last season the USASA celebrated 30 years of Excellence, Respect, and Fun at our 3Oth annual USASA National Championships!  This was a huge milestone for USASA and also a good time to reflect and try to improve for the future. 

Looking forward to the 2020 USASA National Championships we are reviewing our current competition groups and daily schedules and have made some adjustments to create the best experience for all in attendance. These finalized event schedules will be available in early February once we have a better understanding of national membership numbers in each age group. 

As part of our continued commitment to running the best event possible, we will only allow a maximum of 68 invites to the National Championships in the largest age groups. In the past, we have gone over this amount. The biggest impact of this change will be the Breaker, Youth, and Junior boys/men age groups.  Where the event cap was not impacted those qualifications numbers will still be set at a maximum percentage relative to the overall participation nationwide.  

As always, one Regional Champion per age, event, and gender will still be named from each of the 30 USASA regional Series in 2019-2020.  Athletes may only win this position from their named home series. The additional invites towards event caps will come from the National Ranking and points accumulated throughout the season at all USASA events.


Again we will sanction the USASA Open class events as FIS events and competitors competing in Open Class must have a FIS license to compete at National Championships.  For the 2020 National Championships, most of these will be the FIS Nor-am finals! Stay tuned for continued National Championships updates.

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