Created: 24 June 2020

SNU Claiming another USCSA National Championship Title.

Nestled in the heart of Lake Tahoe, CA,  Sierra Nevada University, is a small and nimble educational institution. Long before COVID-19 was our new reality and distance learning and training programs were being sought out by every school, SNU was ahead of the curve. In the fall of 2019, Chris DeLeon, SNU’s Athletic Director, and Women’s Head Soccer Coach saw the need for SNU’s soccer and snow athletes to have consistent training and access to coaches while away from campus. Enter Volt Athletics, a digital training platform that allows coaches, trainers, and athletes to track, tweak and monitor programs and performance from afar. SNU became one of the first small schools to Beta test this Seattle, Washington based Gatorade fueled app which has changed the game for SNU student-athletes.

“It’s been amazing to see how this technology has aided the strength and cohesiveness of our team, and it’s been extremely helpful getting incoming athletes up to speed with workouts and training programs so when they arrived on campus the team is ahead of a typical pre-season in terms of fitness, strength” DeLeon said. 

SNU's Nikki Starick nabbed silver that USCSA Nationals. Photo courtesy of USCSA.

As COVID-19 locked down athletes across the world, SNU athletes and coaches were already well adept at successful distance training and while gyms and training studios remain closed, SNU’s team of trainers and coaches came up with bodyweight programs that fit their athletes needs perfectly. 

“Because we’re a small school and we have an awesome supportive president and faculty that supports bringing athletes in and loves how they perform in the classroom. We’re always looking for new opportunities to support those student-athletes” DeLeon continued.

The SNU Freeski Team having a little fun on the hill. 

Two out of the last three valedictorians have been athletes, so SNU knows the value student-athletes bring to the community. And with Sierra Nevada University sitting smack dab in the center of Tahoe, a hub for world-class snowboarding, skiing, rock climbing, and mountain biking the school aims to reflect the adventurous locale in its athletic offerings. While there are clubs for climbing, mountain biking, freeriding DeLeon has plans for including these sports on the official athletic roster adding a collegiate mountain biking and collegiate rock climbing team to the athletic department. This ability to think outside of the box and be nimble in activating those ideas is something DeLeon prides SNU on, while they want to continue their winning culture with their snowboard and ski programs -- SNU has won 9 USCSA National Championship titles in both freeski and snowboard since 2011, e-sports is next on his list of student offerings.

Learn more about Sierra Nevada University and their scholastic and athletic programs here.

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