Created: 22 January 2020

New Hampshire Series freeskier, Max Abrams, is making waves in both freeskiing and mountain biking.

Thirteen-year-old Dover, Massachusetts native and USASA New Hampshire Series local, Max Abrams, has been making a name for himself in slopestyle -- both skiing and mountain biking. 2019 was a big year for the young ripper. Max qualified for the 30th annual USASA National Championships in his first year of Slopestyle competition AND won the “Best Whip” contest at the US Open CLIF Mountain Bike Slopestyle held at Highland Mountain Bike Park.

When we spoke to Max, we learned that he finds a lot of similarities in mountain biking and freeskiing; from the mental aspect of competing and reading different types of terrain to the DIY attitude the two communities sparked in him.

Max spends his summers riding Highland Mountain Bike Park's downhill and slopestyle terrain.
Photo courtesy of Highland Mountain.

Max shared how his journey with mountain biking began “I started riding my bike at home, riding around in the woods, on local trails and then found out about Highland Mountain Bike Park”. Max’s family has a vacation home near Highland Mountain in New Hampshire and after spending a few days learning the terrain and hitting jumps, banks, berms, and drops, he was hooked. “Once I went to Highland and started jumping, I came home {to Dover} and started building small jumps and features on our local trails”. Max’s dad Jeff recounts a similar DIY attitude with freeskiing. “On snow days in Dover, we’ll hunt for snow and drive around the neighborhood filling barrels with snow to build backyard jumps.”

While mountain biking and freeskiing use two very different types of equipment, Max finds a lot of crossover and compatibility with both sports. Each sport has added to his confidence, commitment and fun factor with the other. “Both are fun and intense in different ways. An enduro (bike) race is an entire day -- a slopestyle or rail jam is only 30 minutes but there is a lot of preparing for each.”

Now solidified as locals in the Highland Mountain Bike scene, Max and his younger brother Sam plan on spending nearly every day this summer riding Highland’s flow trails, technical features, and the indoor HTC training facility to push their progression. The variety of lift service terrain, pump tracks, and cross country trails combined with the indoor HTC facility gives Max access to all the tools he needs to push himself in the sport at one riding location.

Highland Mountain Bike Park offers a variety of summer camps for kids looking to learn all aspects of mountain biking with half-day, full-day, three day Summer Ride, and five day Ayr Academy camp offerings. Learn more about America’s Bike Park at

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