Meet USASA Intern Addie Brooks

Created: 09 August 2016

Questions by USASA Executive Director, Mike Mallon

Answers by USASA Intern, Addie Brooks


Addie Brooks is entering into her senior year at the University of Oregon.  Addie is an Advertising major and has been assisting the USASA during the summer months. We stopped in with Addie to get a sense of her workload and what we can look forward to before she returns to school...

IMG 4417 - ADJ

M. State your name, age and favorite food?

A. My name is Addie Brooks, I am 21 years old and my favorite food is sushi!

M. Nice, Sushi is good for you too!

M. How is your internship with the USASA going?

A. My internship is going great, I love working with the USASA team and I am really looking forward to completing some cool projects for the organization!

M. What are some things you have been working on?

A. I have been creating a few graphics, including an updated regional map graphic to show the USASA series across the USA, as well as a new Junior National Team promotional graphic for 2017. I have also helped put together a pitch deck to show sponsors of the USASA some things we have been working on.

M. Do you have another job? What else have you been doing for fun for this summer?

A. I do have another job on top of my internship with the USASA, so I have been pretty busy but it is definitely doable! During the summer months I love to spend time outdoors, so in whatever free time I have I try and get out and paddle board, hike or swim. I spent a weekend backpacking and camping, which I would love to find time to do again as well.

M. Sounds like fun, it's good to have that balance. So what do you think makes the USASA so special?

A. I think the USASA is an awesome non-profit organization. I love the values they stand for. I am really passionate about skiing and snowboarding myself, so I think it's great that they are able to connect with kids across the nation to get involved.

M. Who is easier to work with - me, Zippy or Paul?

A. That's a tough question! I can't pick just one! They are all so awesome and have been so helpful throughout the duration of this internship.

M. Will you come to nationals?

A. I would absolutely love to come to nationals! I would be stoked to be a part of that.

M. It is so much fun, we would love to have you there helping out.

M. Parting words of wisdom for USASA members headed into their freshman year at college?

A. There are so many things I wish someone had told me while I was going into my first year in college, but as a senior at the University of Oregon, all I can say is don't be scared!  It sounds clich√© to say these will be the best years of your life, but it's true. You will create so many memories and meet some great people. So just have fun, be yourself, embrace every moment, live it to its fullest potential and be passionate about whatever it is you do.


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