Created: 18 January 2023

QUALIFICATION TO NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS: There are two ways to qualify in your age class for the 2023 USASA National Championships. Both begin at your local USASA series. Prior season National Champions or Overall Champions are not guaranteed positions and must re-qualify each season via one of the below methods.


REGIONAL CHAMPION: Each sanctioned USASA series is allocated one National Championships qualification spot per gender/age/discipline to be awarded to their Regional Series Champion. Competitors compete within their respective age groups in their home series for the coveted series championships position. If the Regional (series) Champion can not attend, the Q position can be handed down to the second-place competitor. Spots are not handed down beyond second place.
You must declare your home series and this is the only series where you can win a Regional Champion title and gain your instant qualification to the USASA National Championships. Regional Championships criteria is defined by your regional director and can include all or some of the regional events in each discipline. Ex. Best 2 out of 3 or 4 out 4, etc.

NATIONAL RANKINGS: All regional events are also scored collectively to populate the USASA National Ranking. An athlete's best three results are added for the ranking and it is updated every two weeks throughout the year. A minimum of one event is a requirement for the National Ranking or to qualify for the National Championships. Whether you compete in one or multiple events you can test your skills each week and level up your results to try to gain entry to the premier event of the year!
After March 13th, 2023 the final results will be tallied and the National Ranking will be set. After the Regional Champions are awarded their spots, the remainder of the event fields will be filled from the National Ranking. National Championships field sizes are a sliding scale representative of a percentage of the total number of members in an age group nationwide. For a full breakdown be sure to check the USASA Rulebook HERE.

*New for 2023 Rule 103.01 E. In the event that a USASA regional series is not able to host a specific discipline, the USASA will name a regional series champion for said series per discipline, gender and age group to the USASA National Championships based on the final national ranking.


National Championships Information including age group quotas and competition schedules will be available on on March 1st, 2023

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