Created: 04 January 2023

Upper Midwest Snow Series member Bennett Schneider has been putting in the reps. At the start of this season, he entered his one hundredth USASA Upper Midwest Snow Series competition, not counting National Championships or The Futures Tour events (!!) --  so we thought we'd take a minute to gain some wisdom from Bennett on what he's learned and loved about competing at USASA as he’s grown from Ruggie to Breaker.

100 Competitions is a big deal! Congrats - do you remember your first USASA Competition?
I do. It is crazy to look back and think about how far I have come and how much more I understand about the sport. It was a BX race at Afton Alps in Minnesota with the Upper Midwest ALT series. I was 5 years old. I was super nervous when I stood in the starting gate. I dropped in, and ran the course slowly. I was last, but I was still super excited because I didn’t fall.

What's your favorite part of competing?
My favorite part of competition is the people. I get to see my snowboard friends every weekend. We spend time riding, practicing and being together. The people have changed since I started, but I still have friends that I still ride with, even though they don’t compete anymore. Also, I love the pressure of competition. It pushes me to work on things I might be scared to do.

What's your typical contest day like?
My mom says it is way easier to wake me up for comp days rather than a school day. After I get ready, I eat breakfast and get my gear on. When I am in the car, I listen to a snowboard playlist when we are driving to the resort. Once at the comp, I focus on my run or race. After that’s done, it’s all fun riding.

Can you share any National Championships memories you have?
Being at the top of the run, waiting to drop in when I knew I was sitting in 3rd place after the first run. Nailing my second run and waiting to find out the results until at the medal ceremony because I told my mom I didn’t want to know ahead of time. I ended up on the podium. Evening rail jams are always a highlight. The year I took 2nd place, landing my final hit, coming down to my family in the crowd to celebrate. Such an awesome vibe at the Rail Jams. Meeting Chloe Kim, Nick Baumgartner and so many other Olympians who come out to support at USASA nationals.

Favorite part of being a member of the USASA community?
The members and the people. Joel, Lauren, and the whole team of Upper Midwest Snow Series. They have been so good to me over the past 8 years. USASA is an awesome organization and I am so thankful for all of the people that have provided me opportunities to do what I love and have fun competing.

Bennett and the rest of the Upper Midwest Snow Series Representing hard at the end of the 2022 Season!  

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