Created: 27 December 2021

USASA Rocky Mountain Series Alum turned US Freeski Halfpipe Team member, Jaxin Hoerter, looking to qualify for the 2022 US Olympic Freeski Halfpipe team.

USASA Rocky Mountain Series alum and US Freeski Halfpipe Team athlete Jaxin Hoerter was born into a skiing family in the beautiful mountains of Summit County, Colorado. At 15 months old, his parents Amy and Dusty Hoerter, stuffed newspapers into the toes of his boots so they would fit and he was on his way. “He sat on the backs of his skis as we pushed him down the hill, and he cried and cried.” Amy shared, “The next time we took him out he cried when we wanted to quit!!”

Jaxin Hoerter taking the win at the USASA National Championships in 2012. Photo: Hoerter Family

That love of skiing stuck and at 10 years old in 2011, Jaxin attended his first USASA Slopestyle contest and was immediately hooked on the community and spirit of competition. "I remember starting at USASA and it was just fun, you'd meet new people from different resorts -- I've known Birk Irving (fellow US Freeski Team member and Rocky Mountain Series alum) for 12 or 13 years, and I met him at USASA slopestyle and halfpipe contest back in the day," Jaxin shared, "it's really cool looking back at the memories I've made with people that I've known for so long now, from these events and that I have lifelong friends from USASA." With his parent’s encouragement the following year, he added halfpipe competitions to his schedule. This addition proved to be fruitful, with Jaxin finishing the season with a 2012 USASA National Championships halfpipe podium in the Breaker Boys Division and an invite to the US Team Project Gold Camp cracking the door open to his Olympic dream.  

On the way up. USASA Rocky Mountain Series Alumni Birk Irving, Jaxin, Connor Ladd and Dylan Ladd at the 2020 Grand Prix.

By the time Jaxin turned 13, he was quickly moving up the Olympic pipeline – competing at USASA regional events and Rev Tours. More events and opportunities to progress equaled more resources.  Amy and Dusty Hoerter, seeing Jaxin’s love and dedication to the sport made the decision to sell their home and move into a camper on their friend’s property to support Jaxin’s journey.   

And while it was a sacrifice it was well worth it, Jaxin was named to the US Freeski Rookie Halfpipe team the following year at 14 years old and now at 21, Jaxin is a dedicated and passionate athlete, committed to his dream of standing on the podium at Beijing this February.

"My parents have given me a life people dream of!" Jaxin with parents Amy and Dusty at the 2021 Toyota Grand Prix at Copper

“He’s there, he’s made it, and he’s on the US Pro Halfpipe team  and God willing, he will stand on that Olympic podium and it all started at USASA.” Amy shared. “The amazing and affordable events that USASA hosted kept us going in Jaxin’s early years! USASA isn’t just about giving kids a competitive outlet. It’s about community and family and developing the next generation of athletes.  Without the USASA community, our family wouldn’t have made it this far.” 

After seven years in a camper, Amy and Dusty Hoerter have moved into a house again and Jaxin is now able to share in the support of his dream. Jaxin acknowledges this with gratitude, "My parents have given me a life that people dream of! And if it wasn't for USASA I wouldn't be where I am now, on the US Team -- I really started there -- without USASA no one would be where they are now."

Look for Jaxin to be making moves in 2022 as he heads into the final US Olympic Team qualifier at Mammoth Mountain on January 6-8.



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