Created: 17 August 2021

Telluride native Lucas Foster is on the verge of something big. Photo: US Snowboard Team/Mike Dawsey

 Lucas Foster is the newest member of the US Snowboard Team’s Pro halfpipe squad, but not so long ago he was climbing the ranks of the snowboard circuit -- cutting his teeth at the Southwest Colorado Series, scoring some Rev Tour starts (and podiums) and working his way from Rookie Team member to Pro team member with a career-best 6th place World Cup finish at the 2021 Grand Prix. And at 21 years old, he’s the youngest and the newest member of USASA’s Executive Board.

We got a chance to catch up with Lucas and reminisce about his days as an up-and-coming USASA grom, the benefits of being resourceful and why it’s important to give back to USASA and snowboarding while he’s still actively competing and a change maker in the sport.

Congrats on being named to the US Team, what has your experience been like so far?
Thank you! Being on the team the last couple of seasons has been great, I was on the rookie team for a little bit and being bumped to the pro team has just made being a part of the team even better. 

What's the best part about being on the US Team?
The best part about the US Team is knowing you have a support system there for you. They have tons of resources for pretty much anything, so any time you need help with something whether it’s physical therapy, mental health, access to a mountain, they got you. 

Can you share some of your best and first USASA experiences?
I remember my first USASA events in 2008, I barely knew about USASA at the time but always looked forward to the weekends when I’d get to compete with my friends and meet new riders from other resorts.. I made so many fun memories at USASA events growing up and it really helped me develop this passion I have for snowboarding now. The culture of snowboarding is present in USASA, which is so key these days. 

Lucas Foster finding the tweak at the 2017 National Championships, Copper Mtn. CO. 


What was your first Nationals experience like? Most memorable Nationals experience?
My first nationals was in 2009, we went for the day so I could do boardercross. I remember being pretty nervous and just blown away at all the kids there. but the next time I went was 2011, I stayed the entire week and got the full experience running around the village, competing every day in every event, meeting tons of kids from other series, etc. 
I always thought nationals was the coolest event to be at and just being so stoked to go back every year after that. It was the finale of the winter.

How did USASA help prepare you for the US Team?
USASA got me started with this whole journey of competing so without USASA I don’t think I’d be close to where I’m at. The pathway to getting onto the team all starts with USASA, so it’s a huge step in the process.

Why was it important for you to be a rider's rep on the USASA Board?
I think it’s important since I have a young perspective on the current state of competitive snowboarding. I’m living in the scene right now, so I have a good idea of what is working and what isn’t working. I hope my view can bring some new opinions and perspectives to the board! 

Maxing out the height-o-meter on the way to a 6th place World Cup finish in Aspen, CO, 2021. Photo: US Ski & Snowboard. Mike Dawsy.

What are your goals in snowboarding? And for this upcoming season?

I’d love to be one of the top contest guys for the next couple of years, using my success as a way to help make the sport more accessible. I’d also like to be an all-around rider and hopefully show the world there are ways to snowboard everything, rather than staying in the “box” of being a contest or a film rider. 

For this season, we have the Olympics coming up so I’d love to make that team and represent the US in Beijing. I’ve also yet to podium in a major pro event, so I’d love to make that happen! 

What advice would you give to young up-and-comers looking to make the US Team? 
Take advantage of all the opportunities you can, at the end of the day the best riders that go the farthest are the most resourceful ones and find ways to progress no matter their situation. If you have that mindset you can really go as far as you want!

Lucas Foster gearing up for an Olympic season at Mammoth's Unbound. Photo: US Snowboard Team/Mike Dawsy

Big tricks for 2022? What are you working on? 
I’ve been working on some new 1260 variations and some 1440s, also I have a few others under wraps that hopefully, I can bring to life in the near future! 

How impactful has USASA been in your snowboarding career and journey?
USASA is really where I found my love for not only snowboarding but the love for competition. Competing isn’t everything, however, there’s so much to learn through competing that you can apply to life beyond the snow. 


Join Lucas and US Olympic Team and USASA alumni for the 2nd Annual USASA Golf Classic. Detail here

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